High Quality Screw Install Reflex Truck Trailer Reflectors
It is a kind of traffic safety facility, which is set along the edge of the road, displaying the contour of the road and guiding the normal running of the vehicle.The reflector has a reverse reflection performance Although the guardrail reflector is in a smaller proportion of traffic safety facilities, its role cannot be ignored. Especially on the highways and roads, when the vehicle runs fast, but in the process of vehicles running in the night, visual distance is shorter, this will greatly reduce the safety of driving, so in order to reach the goal of safe driving, road ahead linear indication is very important. Setting and continuous guardrail reflector is one of the effective means.The guardrail reflector can be based on car light reflection, thus to make drivers know early road ahead; The reflector setting on both sides of the road can be as warning marks of roadway boundary counter, and also can have the effect of induction, warning drivers at night.So that it well guarantee the safety of traffic. We are professional on various reflectors,and it is widely used on motorcycle,bicycle,automotive,truck,and some road safety.
The Delineator is a kind of traffic safety facility with reverse reflection function, which is set along the edge of the road, used to display the boundary contours of the road, guide the normal running of the vehicle, and has the reversed-reflection function. The Delineator is a line of sight inducing facility. According to the different setting conditions, it can be divided into two types: independent contour standard and attached contour standard. When there is no roadside structure, the outline is marked as a column, which is composed of a column body and a reverse reflection body. It is independently set in the shoulder of the roadside dirt road, and its main structure is a triangular column with cross section. When there is a roadside structure, the outline is labeled as adherent type, which is composed of reverse reflector, bracket and connector. Depending on the structure, the outline can be attached to the wave beam guardrail, concrete guardrail, tunnel side wall and cable guardrail. Although contour marks occupy a small proportion in traffic safety facilities, their role cannot be ignored. Especially on the expressway and the first class highway, the vehicle running speed is fast, and the vehicle in the process of driving at night, the visual distance is shorter, so will greatly reduce the safety of driving, so in order to achieve the purpose of safe driving, the road in front of the linear indication is very important. It is one of the effective means to set contour markers continuously. Contour markers can make drivers know the road condition ahead of time through the reflection of car lights. The outline signs set on both sides of the road serve as warning signs for the boundary of the road and can also play a role of inducing and warning drivers at night, which ensures the safety of passing vehicles.

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1. Rectangle: 40x180mm Color :Red/white/orange one side / two side 2. Trapezoid:50x70x120mm Color: Red/white/orange one side / two side 3. Round: φ80mm/100mm/110mm Color: Red/white/orange one side


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