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Plaster Stop Beads

Plaster Stop Beads are essential components in the plastering process, designed to create clean and defined edges around doors, windows, and other openings. These beads not only enhance the visual appeal of your plasterwork but also serve as functional barriers that prevent plaster from spreading beyond its intended area. Our high-quality Plaster Stop Beads are the perfect solution to achieve a polished finish and protect vulnerable areas.

Product TypeDescriptionPlaster ThicknessMaterial
PlasterstopAvailable with 55 – 60mm mesh wing10 – 19mmGalvanised
PlasterstopAvailable with 55 – 60mm mesh wing10 – 19mmStainless Steel
PlasterstopDrywall stop bead with 30mm wing3 & 6mmGalvanised
PlasterstopAvailable with 27 – 45mm mesh wing3 – 22mmPVC-u

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