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Angle Beads

Angle Beads play a crucial role in reinforcing and protecting the vulnerable corners of walls during plastering and rendering processes. Our high-quality Angle Beads are designed to provide structural integrity, ensuring clean and crisp corners that enhance the overall look of your construction or renovation projects.

Product TypeDescriptionPlaster ThicknessMaterial
Angle BeadSupasave angle bead with 45mm mesh wing13mmGalvanised
Angle BeadStandard angle bead with 53mm mesh wing (Galvanised)12 – 19mmGalvanised
Angle BeadDrywall Standard angle bead with 25mm wing6mmGalvanised
Angle BeadDrywall Thincoat angle bead with 23mm wing3mmGalvanised
Angle BeadDrywall Micromesh angle bead with 25mm wing3mmGalvanised
Angle BeadDrywall Micromesh wide wing angle bead with 30mm wing3mmGalvanised


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