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Fire Rated Steel Doors


Door Leaf SizesCustom sizes available up to 1050mm wide x 2400mm high (single) & 2100mm wide x 2400mm high (double).
Fire RatingUp to 240 Mins as per British and American Standard
MaterialCold Rolled Coil (CRC), Galvanized Steel (GI)
Leaf Steel Sheet Thickness≥1.5mm
Frame Steel Sheet Thickness≥2.00mm
Frame CornerWelded Type
Door Leaf Thickness≥50mm
Core ConstructionRock Wool, Honeycomb and Steel Stiffened Core
PaintElectrostatic coating Liquid coating and Powder Coating (Epoxy, Doko & Oil Paint) Finish/Touch Up paint applied at site
Door DirectionRight Hand (Inward or Outward) Left Hand (Inward or Outward)
HardwareMust be fire rated. Please contact for options and pricing
ComplianceManufactured in accordance to NFPA 257, BS 476 as certified by ESL Dubai.
OptionalFire Rated Automatic Louver (600mm x 600mm, 450mm x 450mm, and 600mm x 450mm) Vision Panel (max 800 sq cm per door leaf)

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Al Nafae Group play a critical role in keeping people safe and minimizing property damage. Doors play a very important role in the fire resistance of a building; they allow people to evacuate safely from a building along with limiting the spread of fire and smoke to other areas. Fire doors must meet the requirements of the International Building Code and International Fire Code, as well as NFPA 80 Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives. Fire ratings range from 20 minutes to 3 hours. Hollow metal is the only door material widely available with a 3 hour label.


When selecting Al Nafae Group
for your next project, consider the following:

  • Fire-resistance-rated frames must have fire-resistance-rated glazing. There are different limitations depending on the type of glazing.
  • Door opening sizes are also limited by the manufacturer’s listings, not to mention the structural integrity and ability to function properly.
  • Jamb depth of frame relates to wall thickness. It’s important to verify the availability of a fire rated configuration for custom profiles.
  • Caution must be taken with light and lock cutouts to ensure they do not negate the fire rating.


  • A temperature rise door is a fire-rated door which limits the heat transfer through the door for a period of 30 minutes. 
  • Temperature rise ratings indicate the maximum rise above ambient temperature on the non-fire side of the door, and will be either 250°, 450°, or 650° F. 
  • The 250° door is the most restrictive because it limits the heat transfer to only 250° for a 30-minute period. 
  • A typical hollow metal door would reach approximately 1400° F in the same time period. 
  • By minimizing the transfer of heat, a temperature rise door could protect an exit enclosure, allowing people to pass below the floor of fire origin.


    Steel is one of the strongest materials available, so it’s no wonder why doors made of steel are the most durable, as it will never crack, warp or rot. But what are some of the other advantages to specifying steel for your door and frame materials?


    Steel lasts longer, requires fewer repairs, and is sturdier than other products. It outperforms wood, aluminum, and fiberglass in security, fire ratings, sound reduction, vandal resistance, and other demanding environments. In fact, even when those other materials try to boost their results with special cores or other techniques, they still can’t match the performance and longevity of hollow metal steel.


    With strength and durability comes a lower total cost of ownership. Properly installed and maintained hollow metal doors often last 30 years or longer. As the years pass, steel doors can be inexpensively repaired in the field while softer, less durable wood and aluminum doors will have to be replaced.


    Forget the warmth of wood. Today’s steel doors offer an endless variety of stunning design options. Whether you’re looking for a modern stainless steel appearance, vibrant colors, or even a faux finish, steel’s versatility makes your project stand out as it stands up to time and the environment.


    Speaking of the environment, steel doors and frames are smarter for the planet. Since steel is the most recycled material in North America, your doors and frames have a life far beyond your project. It can be recycled endlessly into new steel products. This closed-loop life cycle provides many environmental and economic advantages.