Guardrail reflector type

  • Rectangle:  40x180mm  Color :Red/white/orange   one side / two side
  • Trapezoid:50x70x120mm  Color: Red/white/orange  one side / two side
  • Round:    φ80mm/100mm/110mm  Color: Red/white/orange    one side


Guardrail reflector/delineator

High Quality Screw Install Reflex Truck Trailer Reflectors

It is a kind of traffic safety facility, which is set along the edge of the road, displaying the contour of the road and guiding the normal running of the vehicle.The reflector has a reverse reflection performance

Although the guardrail reflector is in a smaller proportion of traffic safety facilities, its role cannot be ignored. Especially on the highways and roads, when the vehicle runs fast, but in the process of vehicles running in the night, visual distance is shorter, this will greatly reduce the safety of driving, so in order to reach the goal of safe driving, road ahead linear indication is very important. Setting and continuous guardrail reflector is one of the effective means.The guardrail reflector can be based on car light reflection, thus to make drivers know early road ahead; The reflector setting on both sides of the road can be as warning marks of roadway boundary counter, and also can have the effect of induction, warning drivers at night.So that it well guarantee the safety of traffic.

We are professional on various reflectors,and it is widely used on motorcycle,bicycle,automotive,truck,and some road safety, We have different size for choice

Part no  Size (mm)     Mounting     Standard

A01 Ø60       Screw, Adhesive           E9

A01A      Ø60       Screw, Adhesive    E9

A03 114 x 50Screw, Adhesive          W/O

A04 Ø55              Adhesive               E11

A05 52 x 24       Adhesive                 E24

A06 100 x 50     Adhesive                W/O

A07 80 x 23         Adhesive               W/O

A08 60 x 30         Adhesive                E9

A09 Ø60       Screw, Adhesive          E9

A10 85 x 31        Adhesive               E11

A11 151 x 132     Screw                   E11

A12 Ø54              Adhesive             W/O

A13 105 x 65Screw, Adhesive        W/O

A14 127 x 54Screw, Adhesive         E9

A15 Ø80               Screw                W/O

A16 165 x 19 Adhesive                   E24

A17 165 x 112Adhesive                 W/O

A18 96 x 24  Adhesive                    E9

A19 135 x 48Adhesive                   W/O

A20 105 x 20Adhesive                    E9

A21 Ø80         Screw                      E11

A22 70 x 20  Adhesive                   E24

A23 92 x 24  Screw, Adhesive       E25

A24 75 x 46  Adhesive                  E9

A25 95 x 37  Screw                       W/O

A26 85 x 22  Adhesive                  E24

A27 Ø72       Screw                        W/O

A28 Ø139     Screw                        W/O

A29 150 x 50Adhesive                   W/O

A30 70 x 30  Adhesive                   E24

A32 Ø108     Screw                        W/O

A33 Ø40       Screw                        W/O

A34 Ø40       Screw                         W/O

A35 Ø65       Screw                         W/O

A36 108 x 42Screw, Adhesive         W/O

A37 94 x 44             Adhesive          E9

A39 62 x 49             Adhesive          E9


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