Highway and bridge safety

Great corrosion resistance and good impact resistance

samples available for you to check the quality

Connect the ten hole corrugated plate and the post

Good energy absorption effect

protect the safety of vehicles and passengers

To increase the overall strength of the fence



Guardrail Block refers to Prevention block,blocker,block-out. in some places,it was named  “SPACER” or “Separator”.  It refers to the part between guardrail and post,and with many different shapes or designs.

Guardrail Spacer are considered as passive protectors with a view to ensure the safety of the pedestrians by the wayside and the vehicles. Highway guardrails are designed in pursuance to the principle of keeping the vehicle inside the road in a secure way and at the same time minimizing the loss of life and property in case of an accident.

It is mainly installed between guardrail and post to reduce the crash collision of highway/expressway/roadway. Bock itself is an energy absorbing part, so it could make theguardrail deform gradually during the sudden collisions. thus is conducive to energy absorption, reduce occupant casualties; at the same time, the block could allocate the crash energy to guardrail and post, thereby increase the overall strength and tension of the guardrail system.

The guardrail block is installed between the guardrail and the post with the function of energy absorbing. If there is no block, it has to force the vehicles to stop through the deformation of the guardrail, the post and the roadbed.

Product Name Galvanized Guard rail Used Spacer
Material Q235, Q345,other standard steel, etc
Technology cold rooled
Surface Treatment Hot dip galvanized, powder coated
Specification U, C, H, F,Sigma,Box,Trapezoidal Spacer,Offset Block
Thickness 2.5mm – 5mm or as request
Zinc Coating 350g-600g/m2
Country of Origin Shandong, China
Certificate ISO9001:2008 ,GB/T19001-2008,CE,SGS
Other special specification as per client’s requirement ordrawings


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