Highway Guardrails are specified in major highways and roads projects as safety barrier. The Guardrail system Guardrail system absorbs the impact of out-of-control vehicles while guiding the vehicle to safer stops. Proven results and consistent material quality make steel Guardrail systems the right barrier choice. Our Guardrail offers a sophisticated, standardized approach to guardrail fabrication.

Our state of the art steel railing manufacturing process and professional team ensures all holes, slots, and Dimensions are 100% accurate for maximum compatibility with a wide variety of guardrail systems. As a custom galvanized guardrail manufacturer, we can modify our safety barriers to meet virtually any height or width requirement. We are dedicated to the production of W-Beam and Thrie-Beam Guardrails for years, and can quickly supply small or large quantities of crash barriers at highly competitive prices.



W-beam guardrail is a kind of road crash barrier used for securing highway safety by preventing errant vehicles from sliding out of the roads and impacting the roadside buildings or other objects. So it is most commonly fixed on the side of the highways, dock areas, aisles, especially on curves and slopes for protection against run-off-road collisions.

Our W-beam guardrail product is formed in accordance with the latest highway safety barrier technology for making sure its high durability and maximum strength. It is made of high quality steel, which reduces the impact force caused by mobile equipment to the maximum extent. Meanwhile, the zinc coating or PVC coating perfectly combined to the W-beam guardrail keeps the products free of damages of corrosion and rust.

For the time being, W-beam guardrail is the most popular choice for making crash barrier systems. W-beam guardrails are cost-effective to prevent vehicular impact with roadside objects, and lessen the likelihood of vehicle overturning and casualties.

W-beam road guardrail crash barrier is formed in accordance with the latest highway safety barrier technology to make sure its high durability and maximum strength. Dachu road guardrail components are made of high quality steel (Q235, Q345, A36 etc.), which can effectively reduce the impact force caused by vehicles to the maximum extent.

To make things better, the zinc coating or PVC coating perfectly combined to the W-beam guardrail keeps the products free of damages of corrosion and rust.

Road Safety W-Beam Barrier can be easily inserted into the pre-installed insertion and extraction holes by means of the plug-in column, which serves as isolation and protection. At the same time, it cooperates with the guardrail on the outer side of the road, and is neat and uniform.

When the vehicle collides with it, the corrugated steel guardrail board has good crash worthiness and energy absorption, and it is not easy to be destroyed, and at the same time it can protect the vehicle and the passengers.

When the road maintenance or other reasons need to be connected, the groups of guardrail columns at the opening can be easily removed and removed to open the passage for the vehicle to pass.


Profile W beam Steel Highway Guardrail
Normal Size W Beam:See the table below
Materials Steel Grade Q235B ( S235JR)Q345 (S355JR / ASTM A529M 1994)
Thickness of galvanized(double sides) 550 (80µ) / 610 (85µ) / 1100 (160µ) /1200 (170µ) g/m2 or as per your request.
Technology Cold Rolled
Surface Treatment Hot Dip Galvanized or Powder Coated
Other Other special specification as per client’srequirement or drawings.
Certificate AASHTO M180, AS3845, EN1317, GOST26804,SGS, CE, BV
Notes: Custom length, width, height and thickness are availableas your requirements.
Standards Length Width Height Thickness Zinc Coating
GB/T 31439.1—2015 4320 mm 310 mm 85 mm 3(4) mm ≥ 550g/m²
GB/T 31439.2—2015 4320 mm 506 mm 85 mm 3(4) mm ≥ 550g/m²
AASHTO M – 180 4130 mm 310 mm 82 mm 2.75nmm ≥ 550g/m²
EN1317 4170 mm 310 mm 82 mm 2.6 mm ≥ 550g/m²

Easy installation: just attach the beam directly to the post, no need of blocks. Advantages:

Prevent the mobile equipment from skidding off the road by redirecting it

Minimum the damage of errant vehicles

High quality material and anti-rust surface for longer service life

Corrosion resistant

Can be repaired quickly after accident


To provide railing protection to motor vehicles at dangerous road areas such as steep slopes, high embankments, obscure curves/bends, sharp corners.

To absorb sudden impact during collision thus minimizing injury to vehicle and passenger.

To act as a directional railing for vehicles moving in the right direction.

To act as a median barrier for avoiding head on collision.

To act as a protective barrier for pedestrians along the highway.


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